• March | Instagram Round-up

    Helloooo Everybody!
    So i thought i would do an Instagram round up for you guys. These are all the photos from my Instagram in March. BTW my Insta is @laurynamills Link here .
    So here are my photos and some explanations.

    So these two sets of photos were taken by the Wonderful Paisley Spense For Promo Magazine. They are amazing photos and i absolutely love them! Her Instagram is Here!
    Next is a photo of me and my sister Emma. We decided to try and do each others makeup. If you can’t tell… Hahah. Jk Love you Em <3
    Next is a photo with my new glasses! i actually got them from Zenni Optical ! they work amazing and I think look pretty good if i don’t say so myself.
    And Lastly is a photo for Lauravivanla.com I was lucky enough to be one of her models for her clothing shoot! The clothes are amazing and you should totally check them out at http://www.lauravivianla.com 
    If you liked me doing this kind of thing let me know in a comment!
    Always have Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust | Elegant Chances

  • Aveda Haul | 2015

    So About 5-6 Months ago i got the honour of working with Aveda for a hair showcase.  In return for being one of their models i was given a gift card to there store. The other day i found myself near an Aveda store so i picked up a few things! I found some really intense colours and such that i thought i would share with you!

    Do you guys own any Aveda Products that you like? Let me know in the comments!
    Always have Faith, Trust, And a little Pixie Dust | Elegant Chances
  • Outfits That Inspire Me Week #2

    Hello everyone! Yes i am back for another week of Outfits that inspire me.
    Here i have kinda gone with a theme.
    I was looking for more work appropriate clothing.
    So if you need inspiration to spice up your work wardrobe your in the right place!
    I have chosen 5 outfits, Hope you enjoy!

    Which outfit do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!
    Please know you are beautiful no matter what you wear!
    Remember to always have Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust | Elegant Chances
  • DIY | Lush Bath Bombs

    Hello Everybody!
    Long Time No see.
    So How are your spring breaks going?
    I believe that everyone needs to relax over their spring break and a bath is the perfect way to do so.
    So recently i have realized how freaking expensive Lush bath bombs are. I mean 6 dollars for one… Just one. So i was looking all over the internet and found an awesome way on how to make your own!! And I’m about to give you the inside scoop!

    Things needed.
    1 Cup Baking Soda
    1/2 Cup Citric Acid
    1/2 Cup Corn starch
    1/2 Cup Epsom Salt- 
    3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil- For super Soft Skin!
    1 Teaspoon of water(Add slowly!)
    Food colouring
    (Optional-Essential oils for more of a wonderful smell)

    First you want to mix all the dry ingredients first. Put them in a large bowl.
    Then add the coconut oil and water.
    Be very careful with the water because it fizzes in the citric acid.
    Next with your hands mix it all together. it should feel sort of crumbly but kind of sticking together.
    Next add the food colouring. it gets darker the more you mix it in with your hands.
    Now find a certain mold for the mixture that you like.
    I happened to use a measuring spoon for coffee that was a medium size.
    This mixture amount makes quite a few bath bombs. It made 2 plates full!
    And in the end your skin is soooo soft!

    Hope you enjoyed! Have some wonderful baths!
    Always have faith, trust, and a little pixie dust | Elegant Chances