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Things that make me happy

  • Things that make me happy.. | 42-52 |



    Hope you’re all having a lovely day! Got some more things that make me happy to add to the list! Hope you enjoy and feel free to go back and look at my previous posts in my “Things that make me happy” series! Be sure to leave something that makes YOU happy in the comments!

    43.Midnight snacks (Thanks mom for bringing home fries at 12:30 last night you rock *wink wink*)
    44.Listening to people talk about what they love.
    45.Chai Tea Lattes ( Really can never go wrong with those!)
    46.Greys Anatomy (….I think I have an obsession…)
    47.Seeing other people with curly hair like me. (Its like we’ve already got a bond even though there is a 99.7 ┬ápercent chance we haven’t talked before…)
    48.Watching movies with my sister. (Even though she has horrible taste in them.. sorry Emma)
    49.GIANT EMPTY SPACES (Fields, rooms, roads, you name it I love to just be stupid in them!)
    50. Oceans/Lakes (They are so dang peaceful to watch… I feel really typical for saying that but you know its true!)
    51.When teachers let you out of class a little earlier than normal (DUDE U ROCK, I WILL TELL MY CHILDREN AND MY CHILDREN’S CHILDREN ABOUT YOU HAHA)
    52.Long Weekends (Thank you school system for making today a P.A. Day hahah)


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  • Things that make me happy.. |22-41|

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    Alright yes it’s probably been 2 weeks since my last post but BOOM back at it again with the things that make me happy …. okay that trends gotten old.. MOVING ON. How you all been? I’m good, just finished my second week of school, so far so good. Haven’t tripped up the stairs yet.. heh. So today I have thought up another 20 things that make me happy! Hope you enjoy, and please go ahead and leave something that makes YOU happy in the comments!

    22.Fall leaves.
    23.New Pajamas.
    24.Cute computer desktops.
    25.Hearing my friends burst out in song.
    26.Discovering hidden gems in thrift shops.
    27.VINTAGE RINGS (I am not a big jewellery person but rings ooh girl)
    28.Discovering Spiny chairs (I mean who doesn’t love those things)
    29.New Journals (Writing on that first page is heaven).
    30.Freshii salad (If you have not tried a freshii salad you have not lived).
    31.Taking off makeup (especially when you do a photo shoot and literally its like 50 layers of war paint).
    32.Being home alone (Sometimes quiet is bliss).
    33.Seeing Old trucks (its like being in an old movie).
    34.Sappy love movies (I’m a hopeless romantic so every one of those movies pulls at my heart strings).
    35.Any emoji with a kissy face or a heart in it (Hopeless romantic strikes again).
    36.Realizing your favourite book is being turned into a movie (PEOPLE ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES!!!).
    37.Playing my guitar (Especially when you know all the chords to your favourite song)
    38.La Vie En Rose (Speaking of favourite songs… ­čśë
    39.Realizing you have water right when you need it the most.
    40.Long hot showers.
    41.LONG NAPS.


    ending blog 2016