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  • Why you should put your all into relationships.


    Why you should put your all into relationships, elegant chances, life advice, life quotes, teen blog

    One thing i’ve learned over the years is that sometimes putting your all into relationships can be scary, especially when you’ve been hurt before.

    In elementary school, everyday there was drama about whose friends with whom, or who kissed who on the playground at recess. That was just the start of these weird things we’re faced with.

    In high school you get hurt when you find out your best friend has started dating a guy you liked or you find out that someone has been talking behind your back. You also probably aren’t friends with the same people you went into high school with so yes it’s easy to get caught up in the pain of relationships. Whether that be friendship, romantic or family related.

    You can get hurt when friends moved away, or your boyfriend cheats on you, or maybe a close family member passes.

    To me it’s always been pretty simple.

    Why you should put your all into relationships, elegant chances, life quotes

    Why worry about getting hurt? OF COURSE it’s going to happen once in a while, everyone experiences heartbreak, you have to learn to embrace it. Put everything you have into the people you love. Be the one that remembers birthdays, or gives sappy ass cards, or just reminding everyone that you appreciate them.

    Plan into the future without worrying that maybe you might not still be together, or you might not be friends them.

    If you have someone amazing in your life, take advantage of it while you have them. Relationships are everything.

    People may come and go, but leaving a good impression on them about how much you cared is the most important thing. You will always be someone they can look back on and think of how kind and loving you were.

    Don’t be the person that doesn’t reply to texts, or forgets important dates, or someone who causes drama when drama doesn’t need to be made.

    Now i’m not saying every person you try to have a relationship with is going to be worth it. People sometimes leave and thats the circle of life, but you will for sure find people that want to stay. Those are the important ones.

    Love them immensely.

    One of my favourite quotes that fits this topic is one I shared in my post from last week.

    Quote to live by, Why you should always put your all into relationships

    I hope in someway you could get something out of this short post. This is something I keep in mind everyday.


    Who is someone that is very important in your life and why?

    Hope you enjoyed! Want to see my last post?


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  • 10 Love Quotes That Will Make You Go Awww!

    TBH i’m probably the sappiest sap I know. I’m a complete hopeless romantic and those cheesy quotes you scroll past on instagram seriously make my day haha!
    Definitely a result of reading wayyyyy too many teen romance novels as a tween. (don’t even get me started on chick flicks 😍)

    Soooooooo today I’m listing 10 lovey dovey quotes for the people like me who enjoy a good awwww moment in their day!

    Really been in a sappy mood this week haha bare with me! Some other posts coming soon!


    Hope you enjoyed!

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  • What it’s like being in a long distance relationship.

    What its like being in a long distance relationship!

    Shitty. but worth it…. let’s start with that haha!

    You may or may not know (if you follow my instagram), that i’m currently in a relationship with a guy I’ve known for almost 2 years of my life. He is my best friend and you cannot understand the amount of annoying shiz I tell him on a daily basis. Really surprised he hasn’t gotten sick of me!

    But its hard, really really hard. I get up in the morning in my bed 6000+ km away from him every day.

    I don’t get to wake up next to him or go out to see him everyday like most couples.

    I don’t get to go on dates, or adventures, or watch stupid horror movies with each other.

    I don’t get to spend time with his friends and family and he doesn’t get to spend time with mine.

    I can’t hide at his place when I get upset at my own.

    I don’t get to hug him, or kiss him.

    Honestly I get so jealous that my friends get to live in the same city as the ones they love.


    What its like being in a long distance relationship - elegant chances


    So yeah its hard.

    But that being said, there are some things I do have that I am soooooo thankful for.

    He is my biggest supporter. He’s always there for me whenever I need someone to talk to or vent to.

    I get to hear stories every single day about whats going on with him, definitely the highlight of my night since I can’t be there to witness it.

    He cares about me enough to send me pictures or videos of almost every single dog he walks by on the street because he knows I will freak out from excitement.

    He shares what he loves with me, his music, his art, his beautiful photos of his pizza that he eats on the daily haha (honestly have zero idea how this kid can eat that much pizza and still stay so fit.)

    I get to chat to him until the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning when we both need to whisper to not wake up our parents.

    I get to count down the days till I see him again.

    AND When I do get to see him again it gives me happy nervous butterflies.

    Theres one thing about LDR’s, is that we know a shit ton about the person we are dating. It’s mainly because thats all we can do, we just talk and share whats going on with us, or the stupid shiz we did as children. We text, call, and video chat so there’s a lot you’ll learn about each other when you talk 1-6 hours every night for years (not counting the time you text in between – { again don’t understand how he has not gotten sick of me}).

    Since you can go months at a time without seeing your other half, when you finally see them in person again, you cherish every single second.

    You love the other person so much you put up with being sad sometimes, and look forward to the times you will be together. These relationships are very much about the end goals.

    Maybe this post helped you understand why people get into and stay in long distance relationships, OR maybe you’re in one yourself and can relate.

    (since I know you are reading this Alex) I’m missing you my love <3

    Hope you enjoyed!

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  • 7 Things I’ve Learned About Romance At A Young Age.

    7 things cover

    So I don’t know about any of you, but I have been a complete sap all my life. Most of my 18 years have consisted of me watching sappy movies, reading romance novels and convincing myself that my life IS in fact a movie and that now that my neighbours have left, this is the part where the cool guy next door moves in and its all sunshine and rainbows instead of the old people… who actually move there instead. *AND BREATH* (sorry long sentence).

    Right now in my life I think I have a pretty good grasp on this topic but I have definitely had some weird ideas about love and romance over the years, and today is the day you get to hear ALLLL about it. (casually feeling like a news stand guy #READALLABOUTIT)

    1.You can get wrapped up in thinking about it a young age. In fact, my first crush was grade 1. We used to have pizza on certain days of the week and at recess we would take the paper plates outside with pencils and write messages to each other. I had my friend run back and forth between the two of us. I guess back then it was like texting for 7 year old Lauryn. Very interesting story of where the kid is now actually…. yeah probably shouldn’t get into that hahahah maybe a story for another time.

    2.You don’t really have a TYPE. I don’t know who came up with that because every guy I have had a thing for is light years different than the one before. You like who you like honestly. Don’t focus on looking for that one specific person with a pink mohawk, tattoos all over their body, and a pick up truck because I’m telling you now you’re gonna have a hard time finding them.

    3.Your first kiss is nothing like they show in books and movies. If you have a good first kiss, dude good on you, but mine was nowhere close to good. In fact after that one it had me questioning for a second whether I actually kissed lips or a rubber duck… it was that bad.

    4.Any relationships before mehhh … 9th grade?… aren’t really relationships. I’m sorry if you met someone in like 9th grade or before that and are still with them, but in my experience.. none of them end well. Usually results in 2 weeks of hand holding, a kiss on the cheek while all your friends watch, then you go off and whisper about how cure that was. Oh wait and then BANG, one of you starts to have a crush on a new girl or guy  and…. yeah.. going to far now aren’t I. Anyway, I think your childhood should really be your childhood. Focus on your friends.

    5.It’s the small things that count. Honestly I have never been one of those people that like extravagant things. My favourites are the good morning and goodnight texts, or even just hanging out and talking with the other person about life. I don’t expect fancy dinner dates or spending large amounts of money on gifts. Thats just not me. If you expect those things 24/7 you should revaluate.

    6.Dating is complicated. Wayyyy more than it needs to be. I don’t understand the people that are afraid to double text, or think that you should hold back anything from who you just started dating or have been for a while. The only real way you’re gonna see if you have feelings for each other is to be exactly who you are! Trust me there will be someone who appreciates getting rid of all that bullshit from a relationship and that most likely will be the person you end up with.

    7.Love comes so unexpectedly. GOD is this cheesy but also so damn true. It could be with someone you have known for a long time (*Friends spoiler* Monica and Chandler), someone who is completely the opposite to you, or maybe you just randomly find this person and are like oh shit, yep, i’m in Love hahaha. Don’t push love, in fact don’t push anything. Things will come into place when they are meant to be. As long as you are yourself, being social, and having a good time you’ll find someone who is going to just adore you.


    Let me know if you liked this post, It’s a little different from what I normally do but hey, maybe it was all wrong (Keep in mind I’m only 18, I have years to figure more out) or maybe it all clicks. Have a lovely weekend!


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