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  • Secret Garden

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    Jacket | SWS, White t-shirt | H&M, Plaid Skirt | Winners, Navy Shoes | Converse.

    Hey Hey Hey!
    Got some new outfit photos for you!
    I know I haven’t posted as often as I said I would but I have recently just come down with the worst cold ever and have basically been sleeping this whole week (Bleh).

    Took these photos a few weeks ago.
    Loved trying to bring an edgy vibe to a traditionally preppy look.
    Took my favourite faux leather jacket and put it overtop of a plain white t-shirt.
    The skirt is just a black and white plaid one that I have had in my wardrobe for a few years now.
    Lastly gotta add the Lauryn touch with the converse. I basically wear these things everywhere.

    If you wanna know what I have been up to over the past couple weeks be sure to check out my Instagram where I have been trying my best to update as frequently as possible.
    Also if you enjoy rants about the most random things maybe take a peek at my twitter aswell.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
    Love you lots xoxo

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  • The Girl In Red.

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    Plaid Top – Stitches, (Je T’adore) Crop top – H&M, Jeans- H&M, Boots- Streetwear.

    It has been a long time since I have posted an outfit post. I have taken several shots of my outfits but I have never been happy with the outcome of the photos. Yesterday I felt the urge to just go out with my sister and take photos. To be honest with you I stole the plaid top from her for the day haha. We always find ourselves doing that to each other.

    I hope you guys have been liking the more frequent posts lately, I have been trying to step up my game because I don’t get as much homework anymore. I have a spare class and an online class my first 2 periods of the day so that leaves a lot of time to write. In fact I’m in the library right now writing this haha.

    I actually like how this outfit turned out. I always find myself wearing dull black or grey so it was nice bringing in some red for a pop of colour. What do you think?

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  • Winter Outfit Of The Day | 2015


    Hey everyone! Long time no blog. Sorry about that guys.
    If you didn’t read my last meanwhile blogpost then basically my camera was stolen.
    I have not been really able to film or take blog photos for about 2 weeks but since I love my blog so much I have resorted to stealing my sister and her camera to take photos haha.
    Sorry for the mega blurry pics!
    So today here is a Winter OOTD!

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  • Pajama Outfit Of The Day

    Pajama Outfit of the day thumb

    Hello Everyone!
    So Today I am doing a different type of post. I normally just do an outfit of the day with regular day clothing but today I’m going to do a more cozy style outfit for those cold fall nights.
    Welcome to my first ” PAJAMA OUTFIT OF THE DAY”. Read more