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  • What to bring to a Model Casting

    Hello Everybody!!!!
    As you know i have posted a video on my youtube channel about what to bring to a casting. And finally i have the written version for all you bloggers out there. Oh if you would like to see the video Go here :

    Now for any of you interested i do do a little modelling in my free time. i have done it for the past 2 years. So over that time i have picked up a little bit.

    When you walk into a casting/ audition you want to look the best you can. Be polished. 
    So for the outfit i would recommend all black . Black it a very slimming colour and looks great on everyone! Preferably wear a black dress, skirt, a tank top and  black jeans, or legging. Those are the things that look the best.
    Now for what to take in. Make sure you have a black backpack or purse or something to carry your stuff in. Bring your model portfolio whether its online or in a book provided by an agent. If you don’t have an agent bring normal head shots and full body shots and your measurements. 
    Now this brings me to comp cards. if you are with an agent you know what these are. They are pictures of you with your name, your agents name, and your measurements. If possible try to know your measurements just in case you do not have a comp card handy. 
    Next we have heels. Do not bring some bright yellow or pink coloured heels to the casting. If you can try to bring a black or nude pair. They go with basically every outfit. Again you want to look polished and professional.
    A hair tie and hair brush are essential. They most likely will ask you to walk or show them what you look like with your hair up. So bring a hair tie and hair brush.
    Also basic makeup such as foundation and concealer, mascara, lip balm, and if needed bring a white eye shadow. This will be used to brighten your inner corners and look more awake and ready.
    That is basically all i can think of. I believe you are ready to rock that casting.
    If you have any other suggestion let me know in a comment!
    Always have faith, trust, and a little pixie dust | Elegant Chances

  • Mass Exodus | Model Bag

    Hey Everyone!!
    So This year i was lucky enough to model for Mass exodus for the 3rd year in a row!It is The biggest student run fashion show in Ontario.  Each year the Ryerson University gives out model bags to all the models! Im truly thankful for receiving one! So here i thought i would show you what was given. Special thanks to Ryerson Toronto!

    If you have any of these items let me know in a comment what you think of them!
    Always have Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust | Elegant Chances

  • Breathless | Fashion Editorial

    Some of you may know this if you follow me on Instagram or twitter that i do some modelling in my free time. I recently did an Editorial For Lucy’s Magazine . I really liked what the pictures turned out to be and i wanted to show you guys.


    Model | Lauryn @ Plutino
    Stylist | Elissa Contino
    Assistant Stylist | Olivia Mazeikis
    Makeup & Nails | Ronnie Tremblay
    Hair | Antonella Cumbo
    Photographer & Creative Director | Michelle Aristocrat
    Feather head piece | Garvin Garcia | Gavarcia
    Black pleated neck band | Marie Copps
    Shoulder piece | Marie Copps
    Latex Viva cone bra | House of Etiquette
    Slave Bracelet | Garvin Garcia  | Gavarcia

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