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  • Maybelline The Blushed Nudes | Review


    Hey everyone!
    So about 4 months ago I was watching Style Hauls show “Vanity” on youtube and spotted a beauty! The maybelline blushed nudes palette. When i saw this I immediately knew I wanted it. The next couple days consisted of me binge watching Vanity and reviews. Eventually I ended up with this beautiful palette and now I am going to share my experience with you! Read more

  • Review | Urban Decay Naked Flushed – Streak


    Hey Everyone! Long time no see. So If you haven’t heard one of my closest internet friends Karin from “Go Prada Yourself” has come to Canada! Holllllaaaahhh. I was lucky enough to spend the day with her a few weeks ago and we went shopping!!

    So while we were exploring Sephora i immediately spotted this beauty. If you don’t know what this product is… well your missing out.
    It is basically a bronzer, A highlighter, and a blush all in one beautiful palate. So today i thought i would bring you another REVIEW!!!!!

    So I am going to tell you right now that this palate is going to be a favourite of mine for a long time. I got this palate in “Streak”. It gives such an amazing glow and i feel like i am shimmering like a vampire from twilight every time i look in the mirror which is AMAZING! haha.
    The quality of the packaging is great and sturdy and i doubt will fall apart.
    I picked this up for around $35.00 Canadian dollars. Now i would totally recommend this product and it is totally worth the price. If you would like to get it here is a link –¬†LINKKKKKK
    If you have tried this product or are going to try this product let me know what you think of it in the comments below!
    ending blog
  • Review | Body Shop Primer


    Hello Everyone!! Today I’m coming at you with a review! This is a newer product that i have been experimenting with while doing my makeup recently. I have tried several other types of primers and while i was at body shop i thought i would pick up a new one to try.

    I thought i would tell you my experience with it so far. So first of all i love the packaging. Its super simple and looks very clean. When i use this i put tiny dots all over parts of my face so it reaches the areas that are dryer or head a little more help. It is all fine until i begin to rub it in. I feel a slight burning sensation which is gone within about 10 seconds and it is not intense at all but is a bit strange. Not any of my other primers have done that. Maybe it is just reacting with the skin to make it smoother or something but that is not a very pleasant start to doing my makeup. This primer works very well if you don’t mind that sensation. It smooths out the skin nicely and gives a beautiful glow to the makeup. If you have very sensitive skin i would not recommend using this product because it may ¬†sting more on your skin type but who knows.
    Overall i would give this a 7 out of 10 as a primer.

    If this helped you and you like reviews. let me know in a comment!


  • Wet n Wild | Nail Polish Review

    Hey there Everyone! Hows your day going?

    So recently i went to a store downtown and picked up some new Nail polishes! Now i am not a big person for putting on nail polish or doing my nails but its fun every once in a while. I thought since i do a lot of thing for my agency where i need nude or clear nails i would grab something like that! Luckily the brand Wet n Wild had some amazing choices!

    Currently i am wearing the nude colour in Yo soy and it is amazing! I really only needed one layer on the nail to get a beautiful soft colour! If you would like you could also build it up and make it brighter! Already without the clear coat its majorly shiny! But the clear coat over the top makes them feel so smooth and healthy! And normally my nail polish comes off within a day but this has sated on for around 4 days so far and is still going strong!
    I would definitely recommend these nail polishes and any others by Wet n Wild! i have had several over my life and they are so great!
    Do you own any Wet n Wild nail polishes? Let me know in a comment!
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