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  • 18 Things I’ve Learned In 18 Years.

    Gosh life has definitely caught up with me. I turned 18 on the 29th. MIND BLOWN. I now have to face the fact that I am no longer a kid in middle school (though theres still a small suspicion i’m a 12 year old in an 18 year olds body..) and that I have a bit more to worry about than how big of a chunk that Justin Bieber poster is going to take out of my piggy bank. I’m coming to the end of my high school journey in just 2 months and god that is more scary than you can imagine. I was literally just starting grade 12, where did the time go? (Honestly.. it probably followed that JB poster and jumped into the trash.) I think over these past several years i’ve made enough mistakes and new discoveries that I can share a few with you. So here, in its fully glory, is 18 things I’ve learned in 18 years.

    1.Get the hard things over with first.

    Okay, I doubt there is one person out there that can say having all their work done and over with makes them more anxious. I’ve learned that getting the things that are bugging you out the way leaves you so much lighter and in a better mood. I get overwhelmed SUPER easily so tackling the things that are bothering me one at a time makes me feel so much better. Yes you may want to take that nap now, or go watch the last 2 episodes of that television series you’ve been binge watching but PROCRASTINATION AINT GONNA HELP YOU BUD.

    2.Be kind to everyone.

    You never know what that one person is going through. Same goes for choosing sides, that is not gonna end well AT ALL. Just smile and laugh even if you really in that moment are hating that person.

    3.Take every opportunity.

    It’s not going to hurt you to agree to that one thing that you really did not want to do in the first place. I’ve learned, that most of the time if you say no to something you’re missing out on an adventure or life lesson. Even if it ends badly, who cares, now you have a story to tell.

    4.It’s only acceptable to drink juice boxes for so long, take advantage of it.

    What the title said ^^

    5.There will be loads of disappointments but trust me there will also be loads of good that comes after.

    I have had my fair share of disappointments in 18 years but pushing through that time will lead to something that will completely change you and make you glad that it happened.

    6.Peer pressure is actually a real thing, not just something in movies.

    You know that thing you heard from the people you saw on t.v as a kid. Yeah its real. Peer pressure is a real thing. Especially when you hit high school. You are surrounded by kids who love to drink and party and sometimes do drugs, obviously you are going to think thats the norm. Avoid it if you can. There should be no pressure to drink, have sex, do drugs, or anything of that sort and if there is, those are not the types of people you should be hanging around with. There are 7 billion people in the world, you got plenty of others to choose from.

    7.Relationships before high school don’t mean a thing.

    Unless you are one of those Corey and Topanga couples, its extremely rare to have any of those awkward middle school relationships follow you the rest of your life. Just enjoy your kid time, it fly’s by in the blink of an eye. Honestly even most of the time in high school. Although it happens all the time, don’t waste your time on someone you don’t think will amount to anything after you leave those halls.

    8.It’s okay to take a mental health day.


    9.Try not to be lazy.

    Yes okay it’s quite easy to get wrapped up in the youtube videos and texting your friends on the couch. I am majorly guilty of that but there is a time for everything and sometimes you just need to get up and get moving. Whether that means walking your dog, doing dishes, actually going out with friends, or whatever makes you get off your ass and do something productive/active.

    10.Always be appreciative of those around you.

    If those people are putting up with your weirdness, and complaining everyday, let them know you care… I do so by sending random “I LOVE YOU GUYS” to my group chats. Yeah okay i’ve been asked if I was okay because those kinda sound like final words but hey gotta show them somehow!

    11.You can find love in the most unexpected places.

    As cheesy and stereotypical as that sounds its true… And by unexpected I mean like super unexpected. hahah. no comment.

    12.Take loads of pictures.

    Trust me there is nothing bad about this. I have way too many sneaky photos of my friends in my phone it takes up like 3 gigabytes of space, but HEY YOU CANT DELETE MEMORIES! You will appreciate it looking back later in life. Ends up kinda like a timeline.

    13.Best friends are the best therapists.

    No explanation needed, they just are. Try it out haha.

    14.Keep a journal.

    You’re basically writing the story of your life by doing so, you’re gonna appreciate it when you get old and wrinkly and loose your memory. Also its kinda cool to be able to go back and look at what you were doing on that day 1 or 2 years ago.

    15.Become a morning person… or at least attempt.

    Waking up with the sun is honestly the bed thing.. of course being a little bit of a night owl doesn’t help with the process but trust me getting up and having more day to do stuff with is honestly great. Tip: Stand up once you wake up and look out a window, it will help you wake up, lying in that warm bed for 5 more minutes is not gonna help you.

    16.You can never have enough books.

    You just can’t okay.

    17.Music can drown out everything.

    Having trouble? Just done with everything right now? Just throw on those headphones and turn on your favourite playlist. (DO NOT USE IF YOURE TRYING TO GET OUT OF #1 HAHA)

    18.When you look good you feel good.

    I don’t know about any of you, but when I get ready and know I look good, I feel great for the rest of the day. Don’t know why but it works.


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  • EXPLORING | April 2017

    So last week my photography class took a trip downtown to try and get some cool photos for our portfolio and to play with light. Today…. as I realize I have been severely lacking in the blog post department.. I’m gonna share some with you all.

    #HighschoolPhotographySkills = NONE haha
    (Also Sorry Serena, you were basically my photography guinea pig for the day haha..)
    Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset
    Read more

  • THE WALL MAKEOVER | Ft. Happy Moose

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


    So about a month ago I had a tiny lightbulb go on above my head. I realized I’ve not really done anything daring or completely just outrageous in a while, and that everything happening around me was just very.. well.. plain. I had been focusing on school, hiding in my bedroom, and just not really creating things I enjoyed.

    Being the insomniac I am, at 2am one night I found myself on Pinterest (and we all know how that goes…too many can’t really escape.) So when the opportunity came around for me to make a change I took it.

    For my grade 12 Film and media class we were told to make a video of anything, and at the time this idea of change was continuously sitting in my mind. Normally I’m not one to fear change but more recently its really been hitting me hard. Instead of letting the thoughts of “what if” control me I jumped off that giant cliff into a bucket of well… black paint. Yes you heard that right. (Wait no, not literally gosh i’m not that stupid.)

    I started the process of painting a wall in my clean white room black. The complete polar opposite to my fathers dismay. Anyway I was able to create a video with part of my process! If you haven’t checked it out yet its up on my Youtube channel… you can click here!

    Today I thought I would show you my WALL MAKEOVER (*Duh duh duuuuhhhhhh*)



    So basically this is what it looked like about a year ago, Minus that weird painting thing… thats been long gone for a while now.

    And now we are… HERE!

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Quite the difference I know. Although ideas are had everyday for this wall I wanted to share with you how much its been transformed. This is definitely more my style/aesthetic now.

    Thanks to my friends over at happy moose for sponsoring this post, I was able to print off some amazing photos to display on my new wall. I am so thankful. Prepare to see a few more posts in the future featuring these cool photo strips!

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

    If you have some photos you would like to print off, for sure check out Happy Moose’s website. For those of you who have not heard of this brand before they are a New Zealand based company! Such amazing people working there and everything turns out beautiful! So many different creative ways you can print photos!

    Their Giant Photo strips range from $25.95 NZD  to $69.95 depending on size of photos, amount of strips ordered, and megapixels.

    If you’re interested, check out my last post with them where I featured their gorgeous wall dots!

    Hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!


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  • New Years Goals + 2016 Wrap Up


    Alright, Well… 2016 is gone.
    Pretty sure I must have been asleep for half of it because it feels like it should be May.

    I am so extremely thankful for everything that has happened this year.

    I have always been a list person, I make lists for everything… feel free to look through my notes on my computer.
    So before I get into goals lets take a moment here for what I have accomplished this year!

    -Started Excersizing (Trust me I’m still lazy but least I’m about 40% less lazy than I was last year so.. gotta count for something)
    -Went on a march break adventure with my Sister and Mom.
    -Hit 500 Subscribers (considering I don’t post on there much I’m pretty proud haha)
    – Got a new camera, Filming lights, and Final cut pro
    -Finished Grade 11 (Trust me it was a struggle so yes thats an accomplishment.)
    -Met some amazing new people
    -Started reading more (I haven’t read this much since I was 10… mainly have to blame that on my discovery of the internet)
    -I’ve gotten the chance to work with company’s such as Happy moose, Warby Parker, and Bitchin skin!
    -I was chosen for the Liebster award?!
    -I started another novel!
    -Upgraded to!
    -I started journaling more and keeping memories in boxes to look back on.
    -Hit 1,000 on Instagram!
    -Started my last year of highschool (BLEH SCARY)

    Many other amazing things have happened this year but if I listed them all I’d be here for days.

    I ALSO WAS INVOLVED IN THIS GREAT THING MADE BY THE TALENTED ABBY FROM : THE WORLD THROUGH MY WINDOW SILL! A ton of wonderful blogger joined in to help with “THE BLOGGER YEARBOOK 2016!” You can check it out here!  Be sure to go check out Abby’s amazing blog too! 🙂

    Now 2017 pretty much is the unknown… for me anyway. Since I am going and taking a year off after high school unlike many of my friends, that leaves me a lot of time to figure stuff out.


    1. Attend prom with my best friends!
    2. Finish out high school.
    3. Journal as much as possible!
    4. Complete as much art as possible for my portfolio.
    5. Travel on my own
    6. Continue to exercise several times a week… every week (even if I feel like I would rather jump off a cliff than move out of bed. *Which includes running)
    7. Meet some cool ass people (come on, you know who you are)
    8. Apply to University/College in November/December
    9. READ MORE.
    10. Finish my book. and I mean actually finish it. Not just keep it in a locked file on my computer forever.
    11. Learn more sign language/start to learn another language.
    12. Go complete Vegetarian.
    13. Get a job.
    14. Post more on here. (DO NOT MISS A MONTH. Cannot say I will put one out every week because we all know that never works haha)
    15. Get my G2. I have been putting this off for wayyyy too long.
    16. Get these braces off.. almost 4 years is enough I would say.
    17. Knock a large thing off my bucket list!
    18. Lastly for my 18th goal… well obviously turn 18 hah… oh god I’m getting old.

    I hope you all have a lovely New years eve!
    I will see you next year!

    ending blog 2016