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  • For when you’ve hit a rough patch.

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    Lets start off by saying that this rough patch in your life does not define you. Not in any way.
    It may seem incredibly cheesy to read but in fact this little blip in the time span of your life is gonna seem like nothing years down the line.

    I probably know exactly how your feeling.  Whether it be some major bomb just dropped unexpectedly or a its just a combination of a bunch of shitty shit.

    Personally the past year has been pretty hard. I’ve just graduated high school knowing I was taking a gap year full of the unknown instead of following my friends off to college/university. I’ve only been able to see them about 3 times since the end of the summer due to everyone being busy. I currently live approximately 6600km from my boyfriend which means a lottttt of alone time and Skype dates (which are definitely not as good as the real thing). Andddd when I thought I was getting a little bit of my life together and had a schedule to get me out of the house, I get let go from my job. (Just a short summary of a long rant that no one needs nor wants to hear haha)

    So yeah i’m kinda hitting a rough patch right now.

    If you’re feeling anything like I do you’re probably thinking why me? What am I going to tell people? What can I do now?

    Honestly i’m gonna be very blunt. We both got to cut this freaking shit out. Feeling sorry for ourselves, sitting in our room watching Netflix or avoiding human interaction isn’t going to change anything. TBH I’ve just come to this conclusion last week (which is pretty sad it took me that long). I complain and complain that I have no motivation to do anything and for me thats a side effect of this rough patch.

    To me the one quote though that really makes me question everything I do or feel in life is this one by Karen Lamb.

    “A year from now you’re going to wish you started today.”

    When I look back a year from now I don’t want to think about how I was moping around feeling sorry for myself. I want to think that today was a day that contributed to where I am a year from now. I could have been plotting a new book, writing a post, or even something simple like learning new recipes that will help me when I realize I really don’t know how to cook (I actually suck lol).

    So recently i’ve started to take a breather, clear anything out of my mind or of my space that doesn’t make me happy and only taking in what does. Although it’s hard sometimes to think of the positive over the negative it is very needed and it does its job.

    I’m a list person so I have notebooks and journals filled front to back with whatever is on my mind. So putting down what is making me so upset and then writing everything that I’m happy, thankful, and excited for is something that that majorly calms me. All the scary is out in front of me.

    So I thought to completely even out this post, I would share an example of..

    Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 11.06.02 AM↠I’m breathing (thats kinda important)
    ↠I’m healthy.
    ↠I have a roof over my head.
    ↠I have saved enough to visit my boyfriend for the holidays so this way he gets to put up with the annoying me in person instead of over the internet.
    ↠I have amazing beautiful sassy best friends that I love more than anything even when they’re busy with their own lives haha.
    ↠I get to now write for my local magazine, one step closer to conde nast haha, baby steps.
    ↠I have started filming more of my days with my sister and posting them each month online to my youtube. Very cute to look back on.
    ↠I have an awesome friend, mentor, and agent that is a fellow unicorn lover like me <3
    ↠I have a pile of books I haven’t read yet that will keep me occupied for years haha.
    ↠I have my sister to sing and play guitar with me when I get down or bored. She’s pretty cool 😉

    I hope in someway this motivates you to not think too much about the bad but instead allow you to focus on the good and how you are going to get yourself together and kick some ass.

    Have a lovely week guys!



  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before High School

    5 things i wish thumbnail elegant chancesIt’s really mind blowing for me to know that my years in high school are over. Right now it’s almost as if I was abducted in 9th grade and was sent to the very end… Which I know wasn’t true because GOD I remember wishing in grade 10 that school would end! When you’re in school you don’t really appreciate it, least not until the very end. Thats when something occurs that I like to call the “oh shit” moment. Anyway, in that time you definitely learn a lot, about yourself and the way the world works. So I was thinking and I feel like if I knew what I know now then (TONGUE TWISTER), I would have been a lot calmer and saved some of those sweat and tears!

    ✿Its not as scary as your middle school teachers say!✿

    I remember very clearly from about 6th grade to the end of 8th, my teachers were warning us about the very scary, dangerous, and corrupt place that is high school. All they would tell you was about the drugs you would be offered, the endless workload that will be put on you, and the parties you should watch out for. Gosh if I knew that it wasn’t going to be that terrifying place I would have been a lot less freaked on my first day. It really isn’t as bad as they say, they only thing that ended up giving me a hard time was finding my way around. At about 2 weeks in though you’ll be a pro and recognize all the hallways and doors that you need to get to. As for the workload, if you are paying attention in class and not procrastinating till the last day (or try at least haha) you will be okay!

    ✿First impressions matter!✿

    I learned this pretty quick actually. My best tip for anyone out there, either in high school or college, is to make the best impression possible with your teachers in the first 2 weeks. If they see you are doing your work, paying attention, and showing up, they’ll definitely make your time with them easier! I remember going into class with this mindset and coming out with better grades than those who got higher marks on tests than me. It’s just the way things work, if they see you’re motivated, you will likely do better. Also if it comes to a time where you need an extension you’re much more likely to be allowed one over someone who didn’t make the best first impression.

    ✿Don’t worry about what people think!✿

    I understand this is a really hard thing to do, and personally it took me until my last year to understand that most people only really care about themselves. Its very unlikely they’ll remember that time you tripped in the hallway in front of everyone, or that they’ll care that you wore the baggier t-shirt over the cuter crop top. It will take a lot off your plate if you don’t let the pressure of everyone else’s opinions influence your view on yourself.

    ✿The people you come in with might not be the people you come out with.✿

    Now I saw this happening almost every week in high school. There were groups of friends and they would constantly talk.. well shit tbh.. behind each others back. Most friends that were really close in middle school hated each other by senior year. I think high school is a time where you can really figure out who your real friends are. Luckily I was blessed with the most amazing group of friends a girl could ask for that stuck with me through middle school and high school (trust me they’ve seen a lot, including my big earrings and colourful makeup phases). One tip is if you find some good friends stick by them, don’t be the one that messes everything up over something stupid, you will really regret it in the end.

    ✿Balance fun and work!✿

    This was a real struggle for me. High school is a time of discoveries and having fun with your friends, but its also a learning time so having it balanced is important. Planning out my weeks really helped make sure I got my work done but also let me have time to be social and hang with my friends. A lot of the time if we were able to do both like studying together we jumped at the chance. Its actually very helpful. So please do enjoy those 4 years, but make sure you have an equal balance of everything.


    I hope this helped some of you who are going into high school, or maybe those who are out can relate on some level!

    Let me know in a comment what are some of the things you wished you’d known before high school!


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    xoxo Lauryn

  • How To Tackle Stress | Tips + Tricks

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    Stress is honestly one of the biggest assholes out there (Excuse my language). It attaches its creepy little fingers into basically everyones brain at some point in their lives. For some its not a big deal, but for others (unfortunately like me) its the death of us.

    I constantly find myself sitting in a rut with a pile of stress on top of me. So over the past couple years i’ve found my own ways to deal with it…. most of the time starting with a mental breakdown crying into my pillow at 2am…. but after that slight setback I can normally figure it out.

    So in an effort to help both me and you reading this to relieve some stress, i’m gonna share some tips and tricks. Get ready to kick this this thing in the ass.

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  • My Last Week Of Highschool

    I don’t think its really hit me yet. Maybe because I know I’m not moving on to university next year or maybe because its just too soon for it to click. But anyway to sum up what i’m talking about, I have finished high school. BOOM KABLAMO *Cue the Fireworks*

    Its just too weird for me to think about… so… lets insert a little bit of wisdom from the weird 18 year old sitting at her computer on a Friday night instead of being out with friends.

    You youngsters who are still in high school (don’t judge me for using the word youngsters just go with it) as weird as it sounds, by your last week, you are probably not going to want to leave that place you have hated for the past 4 years.

    I don’t know what it is but if I had to describe it… its like you’re suddenly hit with a boulder full of nostalgia, and trust me that boulder HURTS.

    So a few days ago I was reading through a few blog posts I get sent to my email and noticed one by Rachel from Silver Mess (Freaking great writer my god, addicted to your posts girl) basically explaining her last week of high school in 100 words. I found it really interesting and thought I would try to explain mine…. not in 100 words though, I’m a rambler.

    My week was kinda messed up because it starts on wednesday and ends on tuesday (bare with me).

    Wednesday to Friday- Finished up my last full day of classes with a bang. Oh also a drivers lesson which was kinda inconvenient because I had to miss my fourth period spares with the cool kids lol. Thursday consisted of my first period photography exam, honestly the easiest thing to be done ever, took me 15 min max. After that I locked myself in my room for the next 12 hours and studied so hard my brain practically exploded. As for Friday I finished the dreaded accounting exam then proceeded to wait around for my sister for almost 2 hours and died of boredom. The end.

    Saturday and Sunday – Pretty uneventful, oh other than the Saturday night study session with my Business girls where we jammed out to high school musical and laid on unicorn/ penis shaped lollipop pool floaties in the living room. (don’t ask lol)

    Monday- My last exam of high school and I had a 90 percent going into it… so we’ll see how much it goes down when I get my report card sometime this month… Anyway after this one I went home and relaxed for the first time in months. I have been packed with either school or modelling for the past couple months, that break was VERY needed.

    Tuesday – My day was spent with my previously quoted “4th period spare cool kids” at my best friends house just messing around. I ended up getting pushed in the pool fully clothed and died every time in the weird messed up Mario game. There was an intense game of apples for apples where I ended up giving up and using my friend as a lounge chair lol #sorrynotsorry.

    So that pretty much sums up my week. Least the important parts.

    Alright now a challenge for you, If you have finished high school, or maybe are still in it, what was/is your favourite memory so far? Let me know!


    ending blog 2016