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  • 3 Ways To Change A Bad Day.

    3 Ways To Change A Bad Day - Elegant Chances

    Hello world!

    So recently I’ve been having a few too many bad days. It’s on those days where I feel like literally all I wanna do is lay in bed and have a Netflix marathon… which really isn’t the best cardio despite all the sassy tumblr meme’s saying otherwise. Over these past couple days i’ve noticed some things that immediately put me in a better mood and make the day a little less well…. shitty.


    I know it’s not just me who feels 10 million times better when they know they look bomb af. Grabbing my cutest shirt and making my highlighter pop just brightens the day immediately. Oh lemme tell ya, getting out of the pyjama pants you’ve probably been sitting in for the whole weekend, and showering is definitely gonna get rid of that gross feeling you have. So girl, or guys, no more laying in bed. Get up no matter how horrible it feels to crawl out of the warmth of 20 blankets. YOU’LL THANK ME LATER.

    How to get over a bad day - dress to impress


    I am someone that loves being in front of the camera. Ever since I was little, my personal photographer (my sister) and I would take the camera and do the strangest photoshoots my moms facebook friends have ever seen. I feel so sorry for the eyes of those people. See most of my life, my goal was to ruin photos by jumping into the background or changing my pose last minute to a double chin. My friends definitely have too much black mail material from that time.

    As I’ve grown, i’ve started to love even more the impromptu photos and making myself look a little ridiculous. Sometimes as weird as it sounds you can get a good photo out of it hahah. This week, If you follow me on Instagram, you’d see that I threw on this bubblegum pink skirt and a leather jacket and went to work. You saw the better ones… the ones you miss were these hahaha.

    How to get over a bad day - photoshootsHow to get over a bad day - photoshoots









    Always fun to throw on some music and make a fool of yourself with a camera.

    Speaking of……


    We all do it. Lip sync to our favourite songs. But it reaches a whole new level of cringe when you make videos for them (sorry musically kids haha). What I’m talking about is pulling up Photo Booth, grabbing a cool ass filter and dancing your heart out to music on your own or even better with a friend. If you feel like cringing, here is a compilation of a bunch of songs we messed around to. ENJOY.

    Maybe you laughed a little at this post or got some inspiration on how to get out of the bad day funk! I know I always have a lot of fun doing these things!

    I’ve done another one of these posts a few years ago, if you’d like to give it a read go for it!

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    xoxo Lauryn

  • Travel Bucket List!

    Travel Bucket List


    To start this post off i’ll give you a short backstory. I’ve lived in the the same province in the same country my entire life and i’ve only moved towns once to a place an hour away from the previous. So i’m pretty familiar with where I live to say the least. Oh sure, I have traveled a few times in my life, but before December 2017 where I went to Germany and France, I’d only gone down to the states and maybe only about 2 or 3 times in my life.

    So lets just say there is a lot on my travel bucket list that I am going to make happen. I can’t live my whole life saying “oh I so want to go there!” right?

    I’m sure each and every one of us has a list of places we are dying to see. As you read my little list i’d love to know if you have visited any of these places and what you thought! Also if there are some places you think of that are on your list, i’d love to see them in the comments too!

    My Travel Bucket List!


    Greece Islands: This is one thing I’ve had on my bucket list forever, and hopefully if all works out, i’ll be able to cross it off this summer. I so want to enjoy the warm weather in a beautiful place like that. We have a greek restaurant in my hometown that is covered on the inside with murals of the different cities in Greece. Leaves me in aw every time.

    Venice, Italy: IS IT WRONG FOR A GIRL TO WANT TO GO ON A GONDOLA RIDE IN ITALY? Haha. But to be serious there are a few spots in Venice i’d love to see in my lifetime!

    Milan, Italy: Such a gorgeous looking city and so many people I know have visited, I think that makes me next right 😉

    England: My dad is originally from England and lived their all the way into his 20’s, it’s actually where my parents met. So honestly…. really confused why I haven’t been there yet LOL. Lots of family there that I’m dying to visit!

    Scotland: Whats a girl gotta do to run through an old castle in a POOFY dress?

    Thailand: This had to be on my list once I saw other bloggers photos of their trips to Thailand! UGHH <3 <3 GORG

    Australia: Now maybe a part that doesn’t have huge freaking spiders… but i’d really like to go there, and come on… those accents <3

    ALL 50 States: I’m sure this is on many peoples bucket list, but my sister and I have been talking about this forever and we gotta do it before we die. ADVENTURES WITH LAURYN AND EMMA. Whenever it happens I’ll be sure to document it 😉

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    xoxo Lauryn

  • What it’s like being in a long distance relationship.

    What its like being in a long distance relationship!

    Shitty. but worth it…. let’s start with that haha!

    You may or may not know (if you follow my instagram), that i’m currently in a relationship with a guy I’ve known for almost 2 years of my life. He is my best friend and you cannot understand the amount of annoying shiz I tell him on a daily basis. Really surprised he hasn’t gotten sick of me!

    But its hard, really really hard. I get up in the morning in my bed 6000+ km away from him every day.

    I don’t get to wake up next to him or go out to see him everyday like most couples.

    I don’t get to go on dates, or adventures, or watch stupid horror movies with each other.

    I don’t get to spend time with his friends and family and he doesn’t get to spend time with mine.

    I can’t hide at his place when I get upset at my own.

    I don’t get to hug him, or kiss him.

    Honestly I get so jealous that my friends get to live in the same city as the ones they love.


    What its like being in a long distance relationship - elegant chances


    So yeah its hard.

    But that being said, there are some things I do have that I am soooooo thankful for.

    He is my biggest supporter. He’s always there for me whenever I need someone to talk to or vent to.

    I get to hear stories every single day about whats going on with him, definitely the highlight of my night since I can’t be there to witness it.

    He cares about me enough to send me pictures or videos of almost every single dog he walks by on the street because he knows I will freak out from excitement.

    He shares what he loves with me, his music, his art, his beautiful photos of his pizza that he eats on the daily haha (honestly have zero idea how this kid can eat that much pizza and still stay so fit.)

    I get to chat to him until the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning when we both need to whisper to not wake up our parents.

    I get to count down the days till I see him again.

    AND When I do get to see him again it gives me happy nervous butterflies.

    Theres one thing about LDR’s, is that we know a shit ton about the person we are dating. It’s mainly because thats all we can do, we just talk and share whats going on with us, or the stupid shiz we did as children. We text, call, and video chat so there’s a lot you’ll learn about each other when you talk 1-6 hours every night for years (not counting the time you text in between – { again don’t understand how he has not gotten sick of me}).

    Since you can go months at a time without seeing your other half, when you finally see them in person again, you cherish every single second.

    You love the other person so much you put up with being sad sometimes, and look forward to the times you will be together. These relationships are very much about the end goals.

    Maybe this post helped you understand why people get into and stay in long distance relationships, OR maybe you’re in one yourself and can relate.

    (since I know you are reading this Alex) I’m missing you my love <3

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    xoxo Lauryn

  • New Years Resolutions 2018!

    New years resolutions 2018 - elegant chances

    Hello World!

    New years has just passed and i’m literally the most excited person on the planet.
    #1 because its like a redo button, and #2 because this gal had someone to kiss at midnight 😉
    Now to be honest, in the past I’ve truly sucked at completing new years resolutions, but in 2017 I actually got my ass moving and did almost every one of them. Round of applause please!


    So i’m gonna start 2018 on that good note and try to keep the vibe going throughout the year (or at least till the next mental break down haha).

    You might have also noticed that ELEGANT CHANCES GOT UPGRADED PEEPS!!! I thought that after 2 years it should have a bit of a change! Totally in love with it and hope you guys are too!

    So without further ado here is my list of goals for 2018!

    1. Get accepted to the colleges I applied for!
    2. Keep the Instagram game rolling! (Been trying to post some better pictures, don’t know if it makes much of a difference to any of you, but it makes me happy editing hahah)
    3. MORE CONTENT. I’m absolute shit at this but I’m gonna work really hard to up my game and get some more motivation to write! Oh and also maybe a few more videos.
    4. Write for an online magazine. Now this is a big thing I’d like to accomplish, writing an article for a known online company. I wanna try and slowly grown my writing portfolio! ahhhh typing
    5. Continue to EXERCISE. I have been trying to more this past year, but I’m gonna attempt to make it more consistent. Usually its either once every 2 weeks or like everyday for a week so…. anything is better than that wacko schedule haha
    6. Get a new job and start saving! College ain’t cheap goshhhhh.
    7. Successfully move to Toronto. Every place I applied to is there so I gotta get used to the other 2 million peeps that live there.
    8. Travel this year! Really just need to get out of this town i’ve grown up in and see the world!
    9. TRY Vegetarian again. Now I did this in 2017 for about 3 months at the end but……. then I went to Europe and gave up for the holidays haha. Definitely got my Mcdonalds fix for the while, now back to spiralled zucchini <3
    10. Knock off another big thing on my bucket list! I did a few in 2017, gotta keep tackling that thing! If you wanna read whats on mine click here!
    11. Learn more of another language! Slowly…. verrrryyy slowly I’m learning more German… and refreshing my french!
    12. Journal more!  I wanna be able to look back at what I was doing a year ago… I’ve kinda gone off the consistency train.
    13. Meet more people/make connections! Gotta get myself out there! Meet some more bloggers.
    14. Fill my black wall in my room with photos and cute stuff! Trying to make that wall look bomb hahah! You can see pics of it on my instagram story sometimes! Like to show updates!
    15. Turn 19 years olddddd. Damn i’m getting old. Preparing for the wrinkles hahah

    Do you have any resolutions? Comment them down below!
    2018 PLEASE BE KIND TO US! 😉

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    xoxo Lauryn