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Interior Design Roundup

  • Cottage & LakeHouse | Interior Design

    Hey Everyone!
    So yes, I’m finally back with an interior design post! Literally my favourite to make. I love going throughout my pintrest and finding some amazing pictures and designs. I thought since most of you will be heading out to your cottages / lake houses or even some where around a beach you might like a little inspiration for redecorating. Here are some of my favourites ! To see more Check out My Cottages / Lakehouse board on Pintrest ( HEREEEE ). Reminder I do not own any of these photos!

    See anything that inspires you?? Let me know in a comment!
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    Always have Faith, Trust, And a Little Pixie Dust | Elegant Chances 

  • Cobalt Blue | Interior Design

    Hello Everyone!
    So today i was in a very designy kind of mood! And i know that this year all the wonderful statement colours have come into trend! Out of all of them cobalt blue is probably my favourite. So i went around looking and there are soo many beautiful rooms that incorporate Cobalt blue! i thought since i haven’t done a design post in a while that i would show you 5 of my favourites!

    What colour do you want me to do next? Let me know in a comment 
    Always have Faith, Trust, and a little pixie dust | Elegant Chances

  • Gold Home Decor | Interior Design Round Up

    Hey Everyone!!!

    Yes I Am Back With another Interior Design Round Up.  I do realize i just did this but instead of rooms i wanted to show you some beautiful Gold Decor you can use to spice up your HOME! I have selected a few really amazing ones! Don’t forget to check out the original blog posts! I will leave the link! Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

    This is An Amazing Arrangement that makes the room look a lot Brighter! I LOVE IT. This is by Centsational Girl . Really Been Loving her Blog Recently!
    This One caught my eye because of the mix of pink and gold! That is seriously my favourite colour combo! This beautiful one is by Sheer Lux .
    This one shows even the littlest thing can spruce up the whole area! I really want to get my hands on a pillow like that! its so cute! The gold sparkles are calling to me… Anyway This one is by Brit+Co .
    This is probably one of my favourite ideas! I think it looks so unique and different! The cool thing with these is you can put them any where in your house. I found this at Bright Nest! 
    This office organizer is the most beautiful thing! i think this would be so handy to have in any room to be honest and it can hold so much while keeping the room still looking nice!  This is from Just Destiny Mag . Oh and here is another by her!
    Click HERE to go to this other very beautiful blog post! 
    Now of course i had to include this one because mason jars are just so versatile! And maybe the colours made me smile. Click Here to see it at Mason Jar Crafts Love!
    And Lastly This Beautiful piece of work! I really have no idea how she made it look so AMAZING! I would love that in any room of my house. I have never seen anything like this so i had to feature it! Awesome job Laura !!!
    Well Thats the end of This Blog Post! I really hope you got even a little bit inspired or at least got to check out some amazing Blogs! I think i have a little bit of an obsession with gold….. Just saying. LOL. See You next time | Elegant Chances 

  • White, Gold And Bronze | Interior Design Round Up

    Hey Everyone!

    Some of you may know that i am the type of girl who loves anything shiny glittery and metallic. Recently i have been absolutely loving going through other peoples Blogs searching for room makeovers and DIY’s and I happened to find sooooo…. Many! I thought I would pull a few of my favourite examples of rooms that include the beautiful White, Gold And Bronze Colours. (Yes i get that white isn’t a colour!) I will be sure to leave a link to where I found them so you can take a more in depth look. Btw… To be honest with you I found a couple on Pintrest that didn’t have any links but i loved them so much that I HAD to include them. I will make a separate section for them at the end. If you happen to know where they are from let me know in a comment! hope you Enjoy!

    First of course i had to include one by the ever so talented Emily Henderson. She actually made an entire Blog post on how she did this wonderful piece of work. Check It Out Here On Style By Emily Henderson .

    Next i picked an interesting one from House To Home (UK) They have such incredible things there! Take a look!

    Here is yet another one from House To Home (UK) I absolutely love the desk. it is so unique and Bold!

    This one is actually from Classy Clutter . This is one i recently found and fell in love with. pops of colour are like my thing. 🙂

    Lastly This Beautiful Kids Bedroom is so gorgeous that i wish i was that young again. It is from The Little Umbrella . I think this blog is magnificent and has the cutest icon EVER!

    Now Here Come The Randoms..

    Well i Hope you enjoyed this Blog Post! Be sure to give it a like on Blog Lovin (link on my main page) and i will see you next time! | Elegant Chances