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Interior Design Roundup

  • Pastel Homes | Interior Design Round-up

    Pastel homes Main photo

    Hey everyone!
    Recently I have been scrolling through Pinterest and noticed tons of pastel things because of spring! Pastel was a huge trend back in 2013 and they are making their slow return now!
    So today I thought I would do an Interior Design Round-up (Which I haven’t done in quite a long time) for Pastel homes!

    Pastel Bedrooms!
    I find that Pastel colours bring so much more light into bedrooms! Makes it look all airy and cozy!

    Pastel Bedroom


    Pastel Kitchen and Dinning

    Makes the room look 10x cuter (haha) and more welcoming!

    Pastel kitchen and dinning room


    Pastel Living Rooms!

    Definitely brings some character into the room!

    Pastel Living room1/2/3

    Pastel Offices!
    This would definitely help clear your mind while you work because the brighter the area the cleaner it looks. When a room is clean it puts your mind at ease.

    Pastel office


    I don’t know about you but I am inspired to incorporate some more pastel into my life!
    Let me know If this post helped you in any way, in the comments below!

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    *If any of these images belong to you and I have linked the wrong site let me know and I will change immediately!*

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  • New Room Decor | Interior Design

    Exclusive room decor tour thumbnailHey Everyone!
    So yes i am doing yet another interior design post. Just thought that since recently i have updated my room that i would show you all an exclusive video tour of my desk area. No one else can see this video except my blog viewers.  Yes i did use paint swatches as room decor. Sue me.  My colour scheme is more of white with pops of colour like cranberry, gold, and green. Hope you enjoy!! Read more

  • Minimalistic | Interior Design

    Interior Design Roundup Minimalistic thumb

    Hey Everyone!! So today I thought I would do another Interior Design Roundup. I absolutely love making these and hopefully giving you some inspiration!
    So recently I have been really enjoying the whole Minimalistic design theme. It just makes me feel very calm and it looks very organized. So today i am going to share with you some pictures of spaces that use minimalistic ideas wonderfully.












    Alright so what did you think? Which one did you like the most? Let me know in a comment.
    ….Btw… Tomorrow is my 1 year Blog Anniversary!! Hope you all have a good day!
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