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  • Dusk Till Dawn.

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    Outfits from Pure Honey Boutique.

    Photographer | Bob House (@bobhouse49 – instagram)
    Shot in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

    Here are some photos Bob House and I collaborated on.
    We were on the side of a road taking photos just as the sun was going down. Turned out absolutely beautiful!
    Thankfully didn’t get hit by any cars haha!
    So happy I got the chance to work with him again 🙂 Go ahead and check out his Instagram for more!

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    xoxo Lauryn

  • My Hair Story

    Helloooooo Everyone!
    Hows your day going? So today since my hair has gone through quite a bit over the ages i thought i would tell you My Hair Story.

    Now lets go back to little lauryn. At around age 2 i decided i wanted to look pretty. So 2 year old me went into the bathroom with kitchen scissors and chopped off a good chunk of hair. So even back then Obviously i was gonna be the next hair stylist for the stars.
    Now lets go to grade 7 me. I had quite long curly light light blonde hair(so light it was almost translucent).
    That summer i was totally inspired by Chelsea Kane that i wanted short bob hair cut. I definitely didn’t think about how it would look after i washed my hair and it wasn’t straight anymore. So at this time i had short curly out of control hair. About a month later I had gotten some money for my birthday so of course I went to Shoppers drug mart and wanted to get hair dye. But not just a normal colour that you would see around town. OH No. It had to be a bright red Auburn kind of colour. That night after i dyed my hair from a box it turned more of an ugly purply red. Not at all what i thought it would look like. I was thinking more of a Demi Lovato 2010 kind of thing. After a couple washes it went Bright red. Bright and Ugly RED. So the naive 12 year old lauryn now had ultra short bright red hair.
    About 6months later i no longer wanted this ugly colour. So we tried to go back to blonde without bleach. There was many nights of endless internet searches and weekends where i had weird concoctions in my hair.
    The winter of grade 8 i decided Wow i want to model. So this awkward tall girl with short red hair  got signed to an agency close by. After that i knew that i could not have this gross cross between red and orange any more. We continued to try everything but in the end just went out and got highlights. This was the least damaging thing we could do at the time.  Anyway i did not see much of a change so as my hair grew out i found that my hair was changing from the natural blonde into a darker blonde.
    Then finally i got a job for Loreal and Maybelline. This job required dying my hair to an ultra light blonde. And of course i took this because this is what i wanted. I finally had my bright blonde hair colour that i had at the beginning of grade 7.
    Everything was fine until my hair started to grow. It was obviously no longer that cute blonde colour but now an ashy blonde.
    So after waiting for months i went out to the salon and got the natural colour done all over. And that brings us to now. I have my natural Ash blonde hair colour. No need for any more strange concoctions or endless nights of wondering what to do with this frizzy blob of hair. I am quite content with what i have now. A  still awkward and tall girl but this time with medium length ash blonde hair. I would like to thank everyone who helped me get to what i have wanted for 4 years.  Now here is a photo Timeline. Hope you enjoy!


    Hope you all Enjoyed Going Through My Hair Story With Me. 
    If you have had a wild story with your hair let me know in a comment
    Always have faith, trust, and a little pixie dust | Elegant Chances