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  • 20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me!

    20 things you probably didn't know about me - Elegant Chances

    I’ve seen sooo many people do this post in the past couple weeks, basically you share random things that your followers might not know about you. I honestly haven’t done one of these posts in ages!! I find these so interesting, so LETS GET INTO THIS PEEPS!!!

    20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me!

    1. 20 things you probably don't know about me - elegant chancesI prefer salty over sweet. Always been into salt… like an unhealthy amount. I put it on basically anything haha. Salty popcorn, ultimate salty garlic pickles, oh and salt and vinegar chips.. they are my one true love <3
    2. I was in a movie when I was 15, played a blonde mean girl, how stereotypical right? If you want to see the fetus version of me show up briefly check out “bang bang baby” Stars Jane Levy and Justin Chadwin (ANY SHAMELESS FANS OUT THERE?)
    3. I have been blogging since age 8, not on here of course but I had a little music blog that’s was named teddy bear rock and roll or something of that nature, have zero idea where it is now haha, really would rather not cringe at my writing aswell. Lots of “I LOVE Avril Lavigne!!”
    4. I’ve tried a few veggie burgers in my life but the best one is from Riley’s in my hometown Peterborough Ontario. I WOULD DIE FOR THAT BURGER!
    5. I have one dog named Charlotte and she is the cutest and fattest fluff ball out there. Though she does love barking at nothing in the backyard which makes my family go insane haha!
    6. My middle name is Atlanta.. like the place in Georgia. Sometimes I think I’d like that as my first name, it’s unique, you don’t really meet a lot of people named Atlanta! Other than Atlanta Pitman who is actually too gorgeous for this world!
    7. My favourite foods are salad, pickles, and then deep fried pickles. Yes two separate types of pickles and they’re delicious yummmm!
    8. I’m going to be heading off to college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for digital communications in the fall and I’m so excited for a new slightly scary adventure!
    9. I suck at every sport possible. Like really really suck. When I try to kick the soccer ball into the net, it bounces off the pole, flies across the field and into our own goal… this has actually happened before…
    10. I’m 5’10.. so yes I am very very tall for a girl. Worked in my favour though for modelling!
    11. I’m deathly scared of bees and insects, if I see one I would run for miles screaming.
    12. I literally only read sappy teen romance books and the occasional classic, but anything else is so boring to me. I’m a true hopeless romantic. Like to a max!
    13. My favourite movie is ruby sparks! You HAVE to watch it if you haven’t 😍
    14. If I could have a collection of one thing it would be jackets, they literally change an outfit so much. You could wear the same black pants and black shirt everyday but adding a new jacket and no one would notice lol.
    15. I was the weird kid in middle school who would come to school with huge earrings, rainbow makeup, would go out into the school yard and scream at the top of my lungs after burying grasshoppers…. really questioning my sanity at 12…
    16. Nothing makes me happier than traveling. Always loved the family vacations as a kid!
    17. I love playing the guitar (badly I must add) and singing with my sister, not that I’d let anyone other than my family hear me. I’m not brave enough anymore to do the talent shows that I used to do in elementary school.
    18. I started learning sign language after watching switched at birth and fell in love. Next language to tackle is german… wish me good luck, all sounds like gibberish rn.
    19. Editing photos is literally therapeutic to me. I love just sitting there for an hour and editing a bunch of photos my sister and I take!
    20. My favourite actors are Asa Butterfield, Lily Collins, and Jessica Alba (LOVED DEEPLY SINCE SPY KIDS)

    EEK! And thats all for today folks haha <3

    Hopefully maybe you learned something new about me… and also hoping that i’m not too weird for you!

    Just so everyone knows, i’ve started posting Wednesdays and Fridays on here! Gotta keep an eye out, I usually post when they’re up on my instagram story so be sure to follow me there!


    Can you relate to any of the facts I wrote? Do you have any more questions? I’d be more than happy to answer them! Write them in the comments below!

    Hope you enjoyed!

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