Why You Should Keep A Journal + 5 Journal Prompts!

I’m  sure most of you when you were younger had diaries or journals you poured your heart and soul into about your day, the boys who were too dumb to ask you to dance, and gossiping about the other girls. I actually have quite a few sitting in the bottom of my closet that no one needs to see….. ever. They’re quite embarrassing.

For the longest time i’ve been doing this, just writing out whatever I wanted into endless amounts of journals. I’ve gotten to love it so much that last January I splurged and purchased this 55 dollar leather journal with metal buckles. It’s my pride and joy quite literally.

When I think of journalling, the first thing that comes to my mind is that every time I write in it, i’m writing the story of my life.

When I get old, and can’t remember everything, I can pull out one of my old journals and see what I was doing when I was 18. I’ll know exactly what things were bothering me and what made me happy. Things change and not everything it going to stick in your memory. That is the main reason why I love journalling.

I have learned there are a lot of benefits to writing daily or at least weekly.

Here are some reasons why you should consider keeping a journal 🙂

Place to vent.

Now sometimes to me it feels like no one can understand what is going through my mind. When I journal I can vent about anything and everything and the journal can’t judge, or give opinions. You can put as much shit that is sitting in your mind out on paper. It’s something that helps me a lot. If I have a problem or am stressed, seeing everything out in front of me physically, not on a computer or on my phone calms me a ton. I’m able to look at the page and think. Those are my problems. They can fit on a piece of paper and they can’t hurt me.

Progress Tracker.

This is a big thing. Since you are writing consistently you are able to look back and see how much things have changed. Maybe last month you were handing out resumes and this month you already are starting work! You can really see how much progress you are making daily. In a year from now if you get promoted you can go back and see how worried you were just starting a new job. It’s all a part of growing, and viewing the progress is really a mood booster.

Capture your dreams.

This is a place where you can write anything that you want to happen. You can write about any dreams you may have for your life, or where you see yourself in 5 years. Where you wanna go, who you wanna meet, what you wanna do. Everything is documented. Having dreams is important, sometimes dreams change but maybe actually having these things in front of you might be enough motivation to go for them.


Now maybe you’re thinking wow, maybe i’ll try this journalling thing, but where do I start?

My first tip would be writing out things you did in a day, I find that so interesting to look back on.

Though of course, sometimes writing everyday becomes like a chore and you get so bored of writing about basic things. Here’s a short list of a few things you can write about!

1.Write a letter to yourself at this time next year.

Write about everything you currently are feeling and what your life currently looks like. A lot changes in a year and looking at the differences can be an eye opener.

2.Write about a time where you were the most happy, or the most sad, or the most angry.

3.Write about something you miss.

4.Write out your pet peeves!

5.Write about your favourite places to visit in your town and why you like them.

If you guys want more Journal prompts let me know and I’d be happy to write a whole post filled!

Hope you enjoyed!

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