What it’s like being in a long distance relationship.

What its like being in a long distance relationship!

Shitty. but worth it…. let’s start with that haha!

You may or may not know (if you follow my instagram), that i’m currently in a relationship with a guy I’ve known for almost 2 years of my life. He is my best friend and you cannot understand the amount of annoying shiz I tell him on a daily basis. Really surprised he hasn’t gotten sick of me!

But its hard, really really hard. I get up in the morning in my bed 6000+ km away from him every day.

I don’t get to wake up next to him or go out to see him everyday like most couples.

I don’t get to go on dates, or adventures, or watch stupid horror movies with each other.

I don’t get to spend time with his friends and family and he doesn’t get to spend time with mine.

I can’t hide at his place when I get upset at my own.

I don’t get to hug him, or kiss him.

Honestly I get so jealous that my friends get to live in the same city as the ones they love.


What its like being in a long distance relationship - elegant chances


So yeah its hard.

But that being said, there are some things I do have that I am soooooo thankful for.

He is my biggest supporter. He’s always there for me whenever I need someone to talk to or vent to.

I get to hear stories every single day about whats going on with him, definitely the highlight of my night since I can’t be there to witness it.

He cares about me enough to send me pictures or videos of almost every single dog he walks by on the street because he knows I will freak out from excitement.

He shares what he loves with me, his music, his art, his beautiful photos of his pizza that he eats on the daily haha (honestly have zero idea how this kid can eat that much pizza and still stay so fit.)

I get to chat to him until the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning when we both need to whisper to not wake up our parents.

I get to count down the days till I see him again.

AND When I do get to see him again it gives me happy nervous butterflies.

Theres one thing about LDR’s, is that we know a shit ton about the person we are dating. It’s mainly because thats all we can do, we just talk and share whats going on with us, or the stupid shiz we did as children. We text, call, and video chat so there’s a lot you’ll learn about each other when you talk 1-6 hours every night for years (not counting the time you text in between – { again don’t understand how he has not gotten sick of me}).

Since you can go months at a time without seeing your other half, when you finally see them in person again, you cherish every single second.

You love the other person so much you put up with being sad sometimes, and look forward to the times you will be together. These relationships are very much about the end goals.

Maybe this post helped you understand why people get into and stay in long distance relationships, OR maybe you’re in one yourself and can relate.

(since I know you are reading this Alex) I’m missing you my love <3

Hope you enjoyed!

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xoxo Lauryn


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  • Paula

    This was a beautiful post! A friend of mine is on a long distance relationship and she could totally relate with all of this points. You seem soo happy, I wish you the very best 🙂


    January 19, 2018 at 5:00 pm Reply
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