Travel Bucket List!

Travel Bucket List


To start this post off i’ll give you a short backstory. I’ve lived in the the same province in the same country my entire life and i’ve only moved towns once to a place an hour away from the previous. So i’m pretty familiar with where I live to say the least. Oh sure, I have traveled a few times in my life, but before December 2017 where I went to Germany and France, I’d only gone down to the states and maybe only about 2 or 3 times in my life.

So lets just say there is a lot on my travel bucket list that I am going to make happen. I can’t live my whole life saying “oh I so want to go there!” right?

I’m sure each and every one of us has a list of places we are dying to see. As you read my little list i’d love to know if you have visited any of these places and what you thought! Also if there are some places you think of that are on your list, i’d love to see them in the comments too!

My Travel Bucket List!


Greece Islands: This is one thing I’ve had on my bucket list forever, and hopefully if all works out, i’ll be able to cross it off this summer. I so want to enjoy the warm weather in a beautiful place like that. We have a greek restaurant in my hometown that is covered on the inside with murals of the different cities in Greece. Leaves me in aw every time.

Venice, Italy: IS IT WRONG FOR A GIRL TO WANT TO GO ON A GONDOLA RIDE IN ITALY? Haha. But to be serious there are a few spots in Venice i’d love to see in my lifetime!

Milan, Italy: Such a gorgeous looking city and so many people I know have visited, I think that makes me next right 😉

England: My dad is originally from England and lived their all the way into his 20’s, it’s actually where my parents met. So honestly…. really confused why I haven’t been there yet LOL. Lots of family there that I’m dying to visit!

Scotland: Whats a girl gotta do to run through an old castle in a POOFY dress?

Thailand: This had to be on my list once I saw other bloggers photos of their trips to Thailand! UGHH <3 <3 GORG

Australia: Now maybe a part that doesn’t have huge freaking spiders… but i’d really like to go there, and come on… those accents <3

ALL 50 States: I’m sure this is on many peoples bucket list, but my sister and I have been talking about this forever and we gotta do it before we die. ADVENTURES WITH LAURYN AND EMMA. Whenever it happens I’ll be sure to document it 😉

Hope you enjoyed!

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