3 Ways To Change A Bad Day.

3 Ways To Change A Bad Day - Elegant Chances

Hello world!

So recently I’ve been having a few too many bad days. It’s on those days where I feel like literally all I wanna do is lay in bed and have a Netflix marathon… which really isn’t the best cardio despite all the sassy tumblr meme’s saying otherwise. Over these past couple days i’ve noticed some things that immediately put me in a better mood and make the day a little less well…. shitty.


I know it’s not just me who feels 10 million times better when they know they look bomb af. Grabbing my cutest shirt and making my highlighter pop just brightens the day immediately. Oh lemme tell ya, getting out of the pyjama pants you’ve probably been sitting in for the whole weekend, and showering is definitely gonna get rid of that gross feeling you have. So girl, or guys, no more laying in bed. Get up no matter how horrible it feels to crawl out of the warmth of 20 blankets. YOU’LL THANK ME LATER.

How to get over a bad day - dress to impress


I am someone that loves being in front of the camera. Ever since I was little, my personal photographer (my sister) and I would take the camera and do the strangest photoshoots my moms facebook friends have ever seen. I feel so sorry for the eyes of those people. See most of my life, my goal was to ruin photos by jumping into the background or changing my pose last minute to a double chin. My friends definitely have too much black mail material from that time.

As I’ve grown, i’ve started to love even more the impromptu photos and making myself look a little ridiculous. Sometimes as weird as it sounds you can get a good photo out of it hahah. This week, If you follow me on Instagram, you’d see that I threw on this bubblegum pink skirt and a leather jacket and went to work. You saw the better ones… the ones you miss were these hahaha.

How to get over a bad day - photoshootsHow to get over a bad day - photoshoots









Always fun to throw on some music and make a fool of yourself with a camera.

Speaking of……


We all do it. Lip sync to our favourite songs. But it reaches a whole new level of cringe when you make videos for them (sorry musically kids haha). What I’m talking about is pulling up Photo Booth, grabbing a cool ass filter and dancing your heart out to music on your own or even better with a friend. If you feel like cringing, here is a compilation of a bunch of songs we messed around to. ENJOY.

Maybe you laughed a little at this post or got some inspiration on how to get out of the bad day funk! I know I always have a lot of fun doing these things!

I’ve done another one of these posts a few years ago, if you’d like to give it a read go for it!

Hope you enjoyed!

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