How To Tackle Stress | Tips + Tricks

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Stress is honestly one of the biggest assholes out there (Excuse my language). It attaches its creepy little fingers into basically everyones brain at some point in their lives. For some its not a big deal, but for others (unfortunately like me) its the death of us.

I constantly find myself sitting in a rut with a pile of stress on top of me. So over the past couple years i’ve found my own ways to deal with it…. most of the time starting with a mental breakdown crying into my pillow at 2am…. but after that slight setback I can normally figure it out.

So in an effort to help both me and you reading this to relieve some stress, i’m gonna share some tips and tricks. Get ready to kick this this thing in the ass.

♡1:  What is bothering you?♡

This is honestly the most important step. figuring out exactly whats got you down. Most of the time its multiple things adding up which I totally get, which leads me to my first tip.
+Writing all this shit down+
I find it to be so helpful when I grab a notebook or the notes in my phone and just write down a list of what is stressing me out. At this point in my life I have about 4 notebooks that I circle through that all have pages and pages of thoughts and endless lists. For some reason seeing it down in front of me makes the problem seem a lot less HUGE.

♡2: What is most important?♡

I tend to then order my list according to importance right now. If you are worrying about finishing a paper due in 2 weeks, isn’t the car getting its oil changed more important in the moment?
+Focus on what is important now+
It’ll cut back the stress as you have to focus just on those specific things. After you get rid of those then you can move on to the rest. The whole idea is to get rid the things on the list one by one. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

♡3: Healthy eating+Excercise♡

There are a lot of articles online that say that keeping a healthy with reduce stress, and obviously have other health benefits too. Its the certain vitamins in the food that all add up to keeping your stress levels low.
+Eat Right+
I feel like this should just be a given, but as for me I have a lot of trouble with this as i’m a stress/boredom eater.. not good I know. If you really want to help benefit your body, maybe plan ahead and make some meals or snacks that are better for you than the chips and cookies sitting in the pantry. Also water is very important to this aswell, make sure you are drinking enough water a day to flush your system of any toxins and keep you up and running. Speaking of running… wink wink
Keeping your body moving and strong is very important. Also even just the act of doing some sort of physical activity is very calming for some people.

♡4: Talk to someone ♡

If you struggle with overwhelming stress its really important to have someone you can go to to talk about this stuff. Its really not good for you to keep it all bottled up inside. Talk to your parents, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a professional about what is going on with you. Hanging out with friends during this period is very good for you aswell, being able to laugh and get your mind off whats bothering you lightens the load.

♡5: Clear space, Clear mind♡

This is probably my most important tip. When I am feeling stressed and know I’m going to have to tackle a lot in the next few days the first thing I do is clean my room. Being able to have a clear area that is not full of distractions or pointy obstacles in your way helps to clear you mind. To me it shows that I can have some control over what is around me. Also its nice not to have plates piling up in the corner growing mild for days haha.


If your main problem is motivation to do the work involved, plan rewards. As lame and childish as that sounds, having something to work towards in important. Sometimes it makes me even more down if I don’t have anything exciting in the near future. So maybe planning to go to that party at the end of the week, or even the smallest things like going into town to that new cafe that opened for cupcakes. After you finish a task try to reward yourself… (maybe not all the time with food because of #3).. but you get the idea!


Now, i’m in no way saying that i’m an expert at this stuff, and I suffer with the  burden of stress on a daily basis. Though I do hope this post, and the tips in it, help lighten the load even a little! Have an amazing rest of your week and remember to keep trying to kick stress in the ass.

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  • Paula

    tHIS tips are so important! we must always remember them because it help us keep us sane 🙂 thank you so much!

    August 10, 2017 at 5:11 pm Reply
  • Ana

    Thanks for the tips! I think doing some exercise always help to clear the mind. Also talking to someone is always a good idea xxx

    August 11, 2017 at 11:17 am Reply
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