7 Things I’ve Learned About Romance At A Young Age.

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So I don’t know about any of you, but I have been a complete sap all my life. Most of my 18 years have consisted of me watching sappy movies, reading romance novels and convincing myself that my life IS in fact a movie and that now that my neighbours have left, this is the part where the cool guy next door moves in and its all sunshine and rainbows instead of the old people… who actually move there instead. *AND BREATH* (sorry long sentence).

Right now in my life I think I have a pretty good grasp on this topic but I have definitely had some weird ideas about love and romance over the years, and today is the day you get to hear ALLLL about it. (casually feeling like a news stand guy #READALLABOUTIT)

1.You can get wrapped up in thinking about it a young age. In fact, my first crush was grade 1. We used to have pizza on certain days of the week and at recess we would take the paper plates outside with pencils and write messages to each other. I had my friend run back and forth between the two of us. I guess back then it was like texting for 7 year old Lauryn. Very interesting story of where the kid is now actually…. yeah probably shouldn’t get into that hahahah maybe a story for another time.

2.You don’t really have a TYPE. I don’t know who came up with that because every guy I have had a thing for is light years different than the one before. You like who you like honestly. Don’t focus on looking for that one specific person with a pink mohawk, tattoos all over their body, and a pick up truck because I’m telling you now you’re gonna have a hard time finding them.

3.Your first kiss is nothing like they show in books and movies. If you have a good first kiss, dude good on you, but mine was nowhere close to good. In fact after that one it had me questioning for a second whether I actually kissed lips or a rubber duck… it was that bad.

4.Any relationships before mehhh … 9th grade?… aren’t really relationships. I’m sorry if you met someone in like 9th grade or before that and are still with them, but in my experience.. none of them end well. Usually results in 2 weeks of hand holding, a kiss on the cheek while all your friends watch, then you go off and whisper about how cure that was. Oh wait and then BANG, one of you starts to have a crush on a new girl or guy  and…. yeah.. going to far now aren’t I. Anyway, I think your childhood should really be your childhood. Focus on your friends.

5.It’s the small things that count. Honestly I have never been one of those people that like extravagant things. My favourites are the good morning and goodnight texts, or even just hanging out and talking with the other person about life. I don’t expect fancy dinner dates or spending large amounts of money on gifts. Thats just not me. If you expect those things 24/7 you should revaluate.

6.Dating is complicated. Wayyyy more than it needs to be. I don’t understand the people that are afraid to double text, or think that you should hold back anything from who you just started dating or have been for a while. The only real way you’re gonna see if you have feelings for each other is to be exactly who you are! Trust me there will be someone who appreciates getting rid of all that bullshit from a relationship and that most likely will be the person you end up with.

7.Love comes so unexpectedly. GOD is this cheesy but also so damn true. It could be with someone you have known for a long time (*Friends spoiler* Monica and Chandler), someone who is completely the opposite to you, or maybe you just randomly find this person and are like oh shit, yep, i’m in Love hahaha. Don’t push love, in fact don’t push anything. Things will come into place when they are meant to be. As long as you are yourself, being social, and having a good time you’ll find someone who is going to just adore you.


Let me know if you liked this post, It’s a little different from what I normally do but hey, maybe it was all wrong (Keep in mind I’m only 18, I have years to figure more out) or maybe it all clicks. Have a lovely weekend!


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