New Years Goals + 2016 Wrap Up


Alright, Well… 2016 is gone.
Pretty sure I must have been asleep for half of it because it feels like it should be May.

I am so extremely thankful for everything that has happened this year.

I have always been a list person, I make lists for everything… feel free to look through my notes on my computer.
So before I get into goals lets take a moment here for what I have accomplished this year!

-Started Excersizing (Trust me I’m still lazy but least I’m about 40% less lazy than I was last year so.. gotta count for something)
-Went on a march break adventure with my Sister and Mom.
-Hit 500 Subscribers (considering I don’t post on there much I’m pretty proud haha)
– Got a new camera, Filming lights, and Final cut pro
-Finished Grade 11 (Trust me it was a struggle so yes thats an accomplishment.)
-Met some amazing new people
-Started reading more (I haven’t read this much since I was 10… mainly have to blame that on my discovery of the internet)
-I’ve gotten the chance to work with company’s such as Happy moose, Warby Parker, and Bitchin skin!
-I was chosen for the Liebster award?!
-I started another novel!
-Upgraded to!
-I started journaling more and keeping memories in boxes to look back on.
-Hit 1,000 on Instagram!
-Started my last year of highschool (BLEH SCARY)

Many other amazing things have happened this year but if I listed them all I’d be here for days.

I ALSO WAS INVOLVED IN THIS GREAT THING MADE BY THE TALENTED ABBY FROM : THE WORLD THROUGH MY WINDOW SILL! A ton of wonderful blogger joined in to help with “THE BLOGGER YEARBOOK 2016!” You can check it out here!  Be sure to go check out Abby’s amazing blog too! 🙂

Now 2017 pretty much is the unknown… for me anyway. Since I am going and taking a year off after high school unlike many of my friends, that leaves me a lot of time to figure stuff out.


  1. Attend prom with my best friends!
  2. Finish out high school.
  3. Journal as much as possible!
  4. Complete as much art as possible for my portfolio.
  5. Travel on my own
  6. Continue to exercise several times a week… every week (even if I feel like I would rather jump off a cliff than move out of bed. *Which includes running)
  7. Meet some cool ass people (come on, you know who you are)
  8. Apply to University/College in November/December
  10. Finish my book. and I mean actually finish it. Not just keep it in a locked file on my computer forever.
  11. Learn more sign language/start to learn another language.
  12. Go complete Vegetarian.
  13. Get a job.
  14. Post more on here. (DO NOT MISS A MONTH. Cannot say I will put one out every week because we all know that never works haha)
  15. Get my G2. I have been putting this off for wayyyy too long.
  16. Get these braces off.. almost 4 years is enough I would say.
  17. Knock a large thing off my bucket list!
  18. Lastly for my 18th goal… well obviously turn 18 hah… oh god I’m getting old.

I hope you all have a lovely New years eve!
I will see you next year!

ending blog 2016


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  • Dor

    good aspirations well done.

    January 1, 2017 at 11:06 am Reply
  • Cat

    What a lovely post! I love your blog. I am very excited to continue reading it. Good luck on all your goals.


    January 1, 2017 at 6:26 pm Reply
  • Paula

    You accomplish so much last year, you are such a productive person haha. i hope all your dreams and goals come true this new year 🙂

    January 1, 2017 at 11:26 pm Reply
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