Who is Lauryn? + Announcement!


Hello magical internet place.

My name is Lauryn Mills, and yes I feel the need to reintroduce myself because over the past couple months, I have been completely off my social media game. Honestly I am kinda confused myself on whats going on.
So in an effort to move forward lets get back to the basics.

Stay till the end for my announcement! 😉


  • An on and off bibliophile ( greys anatomy is taking up way too much of my reading time…)
  • A writer ( both for my blog and for my second novel that will hopefully eventually get done… don’t ask about the first haha)
  • A music addict ( I can literally listen to any type of music, pop, country, indie… just no screamo thanks..)
  • A pickle lover (Seriously give me a jar of pickles and I will be yours forever!)
  • An almost vegetarian ( how can someone give up pogos?)
  • An avid skyper (Who needs to get out of bed and go down the road to see friends when u can talk to them through a computer haha)
  • A list maker (making lists is my thing, If you look through my notes on my computer, you will find about 50 to do lists I just forgot to delete..)
  • A guitar player (Been playing on and off since I was around 8 years old.. doesn’t mean I’m good, just means I play hah)
  • An extremely amateur and horrible youtuber ( okay heres the thing I LOVE making short films and visual poems, in fact I’m working on two at the moment but I am so lazy and forget to edit the clips. Also posting only occurs once in a blue moon yeesh..)
  • A sticky note horder ( Everything is written on sticky notes for me, even my layout for my new book is written on sticky notes and covering the walls of my closet.)
  • SALAD LOVER (Salad is my number one favourite food… yes that is very strange and yes I have gotten enough weird looks to last a lifetime, but GOSH is it amazing YUMM.)
  • A hopeless romantic (any movie or book with even the slightest connection to love grabs my eye. Im sappy I know.)

For those of you who may be new here welcome! This is me. I am the author of this here blog 😉


Alright.. heres the dealio boys and girls, I am going to be trying my absolute hardest to stick to a posting schedule. The whole idea is to push myself to continue to put out content and just create things both you and I might enjoy!

SO that being said..
AHH lets see how long this will last…

Get prepared for lots more book reviews, writing rants, hopefully helpful life tips, and some photography 🙂
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you on MONDAY!

ending blog 2016



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  • Grace Anne

    We have a lot in common, Lauren! I’m really excited to read more from you!

    October 15, 2016 at 1:57 am Reply
    • laurynamills

      Aw thanks Grace! So nice to hear! Hope we can chat more soon!

      October 16, 2016 at 6:54 pm Reply

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