June Goals!

June Goals

Hey Everyone!

How’s your week going? Guess what.. ITS JUNE. Like What? January was literally yesterday, we just started the school year didn’t we?!? This is crazy. I think that as you grow older time passes faster and it is such a shame. I feel like I need to just slow everything down and savour it. That is actually exactly why I am writing this today.

This morning I came across this video called “Try something new for 30 Days” This is a Ted talk by Matt Cutts (Watch it here). Basically he talks about how doing something you have wanted to do for 30 days and how it  helps the days become more memorable. It really made me think that that is exactly what I need. So luckily since it is the first day of June, I am going to try a few of my own 30 day challenges or monthly goals and see how it goes. I felt the need to share this with you because I think everyone at some point feels like they are in the rut he talks about in the video where the days and months fly by. So I encourage you to maybe try what I am doing and see what happens. It can’t hurt you to try!

So as I was saying here is my June Goals.

-> Blog twice a week
-> Take a photo everyday
-> Write a poem/quote everyday
-> Journal Everyday.
-> Study for exams
-> Exercise every other day
-> Read 3 books
-> Try to go vegetarian
-> Make a video every week for youtube.
-> Hit 43 days of fire on snapchat with one of my friends.
-> Start my scrapbook
-> Start a summer hashtag #LM16Summer
Basically I suck at blogging. Sometimes I blog really well for 2 weeks then I do nothing for a month and that bothers me. I feel like a need a schedule.
I tried to take a photo everyday of summer last year but It didn’t last long, thought I would try my best for 30 days.
Now writing a poem/quote everyday won’t be that hard for me because I basically do that everyday anyway (You can check them out on my tumblr right here if you want.)
Journaling everyday. Now that is a challenge. I also suck at that type of thing aswell just staying consistent with writing something everyday.
Exams. They are at the end of this month and I need to get my butt in gear because I have been so lazy recently.
Exercising is something I have actually been doing a good job at being consistent with it for 2 weeks. I feel like I need to continue this fitness streak into June.
Read 3 books. I have read 3 books in May and I want to try my best to do the same in June.
VEGETARIAN. Now that is something my family sure dreads. I personally cannot look at meat or eat meat for the life of me anymore. I have no idea why, it just disgusts me. Its not even about the animals (Although that is an additional reason) but the taste just makes me want to puke. I think I should be able to do it as long as my parents don’t try to force feed me gross beef… bleh.
Make a video every weeks something I am hoping I will be able to do. I have really been into making short film type videos recently but they take quite a while to film and edit. We will see what happens.
Hitting 43 days of fire with one of my friends on snapchat should be a piece of cake because we are honestly the weirdest friends and like to talk about our fluffy cat obsession constantly.
Starting my scrapbook needs to be done. I have been putting it off since march. I mean I have the cover ready and everything but I just need to print off the photos from my computer. (You can see a picture of it here on Instagram.)
Start a summer hashtag. I always love seeing someone have their own hashtag where only they post, that is just a bunch of photos during that time. I have decided to do the hashtag #LM16Summer which basically means Lauryn Mills 2016 Summer. Let me know if you spot that hashtag on my Instagram or Twitter in the next couple of weeks 😉
So those are my June Goals. What are yours? Let me know in a comment!
Hope you all have a wonderful start to June!
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