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Hey Everyone!

So I have had an interest in makeup since I was around the age of 10. At that time I thought makeup was wearing blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and orange foundation.

Well I have definitely learned ALOT since then. I understand that a lot of the people who read my blog or watch my youtube videos are around the ages of 10-25. As I look at people around those ages and I have noticed that they have had or have the same problem as me, Not knowing what to used or what to buy. Now whether you are young and just starting to want to wear makeup or you are older and wanting to know how to do it properly I have made a list of items that I think any person with an interest in makeup should have.

  1. Brushes.

Honestly Brushes are probably the most important thing to have. I see my friends and family always using the little sponge applicators and tiny brushes that are included with the makeup and honestly their makeup ends up looking too thick, or too dark. With brushes it makes it easy to blend out eyeshadow, blush and basically every other makeup product. Here are a few basic brushes that I use on a daily basis. The brushes I have displayed here is the Real techniques Eye set, Real techniques powder brush, Quo contour brush, and even a Claire’s blush brush (which is surprisingly soft).

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2. Face Products.

Firstly with face products please do not use it if you do not need it. I started wearing face products way to young and that is when my acne began because of all the things I was putting on my skin that I didn’t need. If you are starting to have problematic skin go ahead, it is definitely a life saver when you’re in your teens. The main starter things you will need is basically just concealer and pressed powder. If you are starting out young there is no need for you to have liquid foundation and for you to be wearing it everyday. I mean if you want to and you like it go ahead (JUST PLEASE MAKE SURE IT MATCHES YOUR SKIN TONE). Also a little blush is a nice thing. I find that after I put on concealer it takes some of the colour out of my face so adding a very tiny bit and lightly dabbing it or sweeping it on ain’t gonna hurt nobody. The things I have here are the Maybelline fit me powder, Elf under eye congealer and highlighter, and Maybelline dream bouncy blush.


4. Eye Makeup.

If i could tell you one thing about eye makeup it would be GO NATURAL. If you want to wear eye makeup go as natural with the colours as possible. Red eyeshadow is not at all natural dude. Go for creams, peaches, and browns because those are the most natural. Everyday eye makeup is to only enhance the features you have. My favourite natural eye makeup products are Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette, Rimmel soft kohl eyeliner, and Rimmel scandal eyes rocking curves.

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5. Lip Products.

Lip products are definitely my favourite things about makeup. This is the area where you can play around more if you want to. My lip drawer is basically full. Since the rest of your makeup is natural adding a cool lip adds some interest to you look. Then again a nude lip you can never go wrong with. The things I have displayed are an EOS Lip Balm, N07  Red lip stick, and Rimmel london lipstick in Dizzy (pink colour).

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If this post helped you at all please let me know in a comment!

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Have An Amazing Day!

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  • dazzlemxo

    Love this. I use a couple of the brushes that you mentioned and think they are ABSOLUTELY wonderful for starters and just for us you aren’t so much of starters anymore.

    x dazzlemxo

    January 31, 2016 at 4:48 am Reply
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