Winter Outfit Of The Day | 2015


Hey everyone! Long time no blog. Sorry about that guys.
If you didn’t read my last meanwhile blogpost then basically my camera was stolen.
I have not been really able to film or take blog photos for about 2 weeks but since I love my blog so much I have resorted to stealing my sister and her camera to take photos haha.
Sorry for the mega blurry pics!
So today here is a Winter OOTD!


IMG_3242 IMG_3239IMG_3238

Sweater: Tradition Country Collection
Pants: Blue Spice
Boots: Aeropostale
Hat: Aeropostale
Hopefully in the new year I will be able to get a new camera and up the quality but for now this is what we gotta work with.
Hope you all enjoyed!
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 ending blog



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