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Hey Everyone!
So Fall is here and the holidays are quickly approuching! Casper (The Better Sleep For Brighter Day’s Mattress company) challenged me to think of the perfect fall bed and room decor.
So today I thought I would share a few things that I think make the coziest fall bedroom EVER!

cozy blankets and pillows

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I don’t know about you… but the first thing i think of when i think of fall are cozy blankets and TONS of throw pillows. I find that having things to warm you up this time of year is essential! If I’m being completely honest, I sleep in shorts and a t-shirt during the fall and winter just so i can wrap up and be a life-size marshmallow!

fairy lights

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Fairy lights, FAIRY lights, FAIRY LIGHTS! Oh my gosh. I cannot tell you how crucial having fairy lights in my room around this time is. There is actual a strand right next to me. I find that fairy lights always seem to warm the space up visually. If you turn your light off and you have just your fairy lights on and your candle burning it definitely a way to get you more in the mood for the holidays.


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Speaking of candles…. I actually have never been one of those people who burn candles on a daily basis. I usually just have unopened, never burnt candles just lying around my house. But these past few weeks i have really been getting into them. I just finished one today which makes me really sad but happy to start a new one. I think have a candle burning is the nicest thing for when you walk into your room and you get that waft of a beautiful scent. Perfect!

cute decorations

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Lastly are a few cute room decorations to top the room off. By doing this you are adding pops of gold, red, silver or whatever floats your boat! I love sparkles so of course so I am going to need to try out a D. I .Y.


How would you guys feel if i did a few DIY’s? Let me know in a comment what you think?
Also what in your opinion makes your room the coziest for fall?
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  • Kirsty Yule

    I love this post. It's making me feel so autumnal and I like that. I love all the pretty fairy lights too.
    Kirsty x

    October 8, 2015 at 5:10 pm Reply
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