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Hi my Name is Lauryn. I am a young and strange 15 year old girl who lives in chilly Canada and really has a passion for anything beauty, fashion, or design related.

When I was younger I am almost positive i had at least 3 blogs(Not sure where they are now). I would write about things that made me happy like music or friends. From there i got very interested in decorating my room. At the time I believed the cool thing to do was poke holes in my wall and hang posters of high school musical characters and Hannah Montana. Of course after 2 years of seeing the dusty faces of old disney character staring at me i took them down. Funny story.. I actually made my sister sleep in the work out room because i wanted my own room so bad. Well a good thing happened for me she actually took over that room and i got my own.
Fast forward a few years and there was the makeup and fashion stage. I began wanting bell bottom jeans , blue and pink eyeshadow and Bright red lipstick. Those were not my best years but i wouldn’t be where i am without them. My interest in makeup and fashion opened a door for me. I began going to classes locally for young girls which turned into me starting my Modelling Career.
I have happily been committed to it for 2 years now and absolutely love it.
Most of my friends would say I am the girly one of our group. Sometimes i have an urge to give them a makeover but i hold it in which i am sure they appreciate.
I have been really into design and the arts for as long as I can remember. Even in kindergarten my teacher would walk me down to the principals office just to show them my art. The interest in art has turned into a passion and something i hope to pursue in the future.
At the beginning of this year my sister and i began a youtube channel together which was then converted to my channel. (wow just realized i kick my sister out of a lot of things hah) At first it started out as a secret but some how my friends found it. How is still a mystery to me.
All these years and crazy adventures have contributed to who i am now in a way that i am ever so thankful for. I think of this as my little getaway from society. A place where i can be myself and let you all know about my life. I would like to thank everyone who is constantly supporting me along the way I am so lucky for all of you.
Hope you are having a magical day. Talk to ya later! BYZZZ | Elegant Chances


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  • Lizzie Vasquez

    I really enjoyed this! It's so nice to know more about the girl behind the blog 🙂

    January 3, 2015 at 5:30 am Reply
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